Exploring new woods.

During our week down south, we went for a little evening stroll through the woods where my boyfriend used to play when he was little. The woods down there are quite different to those I’m used to, so it was nice to explore a little. Due to the slightly warmer climate, there are types of […]

Nature and traces of lost times..

When I am working down south, I often use several of my days off to just drive around in my car, exploring new roads. Old, bumpy gravel roads through forests and remote valleys, with sheep grazing on the long acre and old cabins all alone in the wilderness. I love these peaceful drives, just me […]

Before the sun could rise.

After waking up just after 6am having a coughing fit (the worst part of having a cold), I noticed that all except one of the horses were on the wrong side of the fence. No big deal, as they were still inside another fence, but they weren’t supposed to have all that grass in one […]