I’m here.

It has been very quiet around here lately. I just haven’t had any inspiration, nor the motivation to write anything.

And no time either, as this summer turned out to be a very busy one with limited internet access. But in a good way. I spent a month working at my favourite place in the whole world, met with dear old friends whom I’ve missed a lot, and even made some new ones. I just wish I lived closer to this fantastic place, where a piece of my heart will always belong. Where else are you able to take two elk babies out for a walk in the evenings and it feels like a completely normal thing to do??





_DSC1640Olaf the most adorable roe deer baby.


I came home a couple of weeks ago, and there are so many things I should’ve done, and so much that I want to do. But there’s never the time, or there’s the lack of motivation that I’m always struggling with when I’m here. When I should be out doing the things I love and actually want to do, I’m wasting time inside instead, finding it hard just to get up and get out of the door.

The leaves are starting to change their colour, the temperatures are slowly dropping and there’s change in the air. Autumn is on it’s way, and I hope it will be a pretty one. I hope it brings me inspiration this year too, like it has always done.
I love the crisp air, the mist and colourful trees, and I always long to be up in the mountains, surrounded by the stillness and wonder of nature.

_DSC6393 _DSC6370 _DSC6343 _DSC6439These photos were originally posted here.

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