Taking a wrong turn trying to find my way out of Karlstad last week, I came across this beautiful lake just outside the city. Every place I went past on my little road trip last week looked like it was on fire, sparkling in reds, yellows and browns under a clear blue sky. Sweden had really put on her finest autumn colours this year.  I almost wish I had counted all the times I was amazed by the splendour, again and again along the way.

My trip went from Oslo to Hallunda just outside of Stockholm to watch my favourite Swedish singer/actor in a new musical, then following the highway south of the lake Vättern, and across the country to Göteborg to watch a non-replica version of Phantom of the Opera at the Göteborg Opera House.

Thanks to the wonderful scenery, my trip became quite memorable, and even though I spent most of the time all alone in my car, I had a great time. I really needed this, some proper “me-time” all alone, just with my beloved car as my only companion, doing whatever I wanted to and listening to my favourite music on repeat.
And, having this obsession with Swedish singers and musicals at the moment, I often found myself just listening to people talking in stores and in the streets, admiring their language (and kinda fangirling a tiny bit because that’s how my idols speak, haha).

Anyway, Karlstad was my first stop on this trip, where I spent the night before continuing towards Stockholm the next day. And this wrong turn I took on my way out of the city centre, resulted in a lovely little walk along the lake Kroppkärrsjön.

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