Enjoying the colours together.

We had the most colourful autumn here this year, which I tried my best to make the most out of together with the horses. After being away for two weeks working with other horses, tacking them up for others to ride and guiding their rides on foot, and then end my stay with a trip to the […]

By the Book.

I just came across this post on Muted Mornings, one of my favourite blogs. I like reading a lot, although I have periods where I don’t read a word at all. The motivation to actually pick up a book and read comes and goes, but my love for books is there no matter what. I […]

The smell of campfires and exhaust.

I wrote this post about a week and a half ago, but obviously forgot to post it. But as they say, better late than never. I didn’t bother changing any of the text though. The headline sums up my weekend pretty well. Already on Thursday we packed the car and headed south, staying over with […]