Springtime stream.

On a hack with one of the horses, I noticed how pretty the little stream that goes beneath the road is now – the same one that runs through our farm yard. It comes down from our moutain, through the quiet forest at the foot of the mountain, past our well and through our pond […]

Forgotten photos #3

While looking through my never ending photo archive searching for a photo that fits to a quote I like, I came across these forgotten ones. I can scarcely remember the day.. It was a slightly windy but not too cold day in November 2013 (as it says on the folder title), and me and my […]

By the Book.

I just came across this post on Muted Mornings, one of my favourite blogs. I like reading a lot, although I have periods where I don’t read a word at all. The motivation to actually pick up a book and read comes and goes, but my love for books is there no matter what. I […]