Hi there!

My name is Silje, I’m 25 years old and I’m from a farm located in
between 2014-09-04 12the fjords and mountains of Norway. I’m a girl of many interests, and I like to express and share my feelings through words, music and photography. That’s what’s this blog is for, because whenever I come across something I really like I get this urge to share it with somebody. I have no idea if anyone’s actually reading what I write, but it feels good writing it and putting it out there anyway.

My life is all about my home farm, our four horses and loads of other animals at the moment, but I also love travelling and spontaneous adventures. I’m a huge fan of movies and musicals, and I am a serious DVD collector. I’m also a keen photographer, but I never seem to get pleased with a lot of my photos. I am trying though. I might not be the most active blogger either, I post whenever I have something to write about, or something I want to share. I appreciate each and every like and comment though! x

Life’s about finding beauty in the things that surround you, and notice the small things others might not see in their bustling lives. Enjoy those small moments of wonder and excitements, and make the most of your life while you can.


Other places to find me:
Hest.no: SiljeM91
Tumblr: Time-of-Solitude
ImDb: Husby-91

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