Nature and traces of lost times..

When I am working down south, I often use several of my days off to just drive around in my car, exploring new roads. Old, bumpy gravel roads through forests and remote valleys, with sheep grazing on the long acre and old cabins all alone in the wilderness.

I love these peaceful drives, just me and my car, alone with my thoughts.

_DSC1615 _DSC1634 _DSC1663_DSC1855 _DSC1858 _DSC1862 _DSC1867

I love old buildings. Wondering about their history – what were their purpose/who lived here, how was their lives and if they were happy. I often picture myself living there, and often I wish I were free to live exactly where I want to. Preferably in a century before technology and globalization, when time moved slower and no one was in a constant hurry, when people lived off the land and didn’t have to rely on money to get enough food.


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