Forgotten photos #4

This time last year, me and my friend Ida Ovedie went all the way to Stockholm to see the Phantom of the Opera at the Cirkus theatre. It took us about nine, ten hours or so to get there by car, mostly in the dark as daylight is scarce at this time of year. But we made the most of the few hours of light, and stopped here and there to take photographs of the magical winter landscape.

We spent the whole Friday getting there, watched both the matinèe and evening performance on Saturday and went back home on Sunday. We would’ve stayed longer, but we had to go back to work. It was well worth the trip though, fantastic show and just by sheer luck we got to see two different actors in the role as the Phantom.

Stockholm seemed like a very nice city, too bad we didn’t have much time for sightseeing. But I am definitely going back there someday, with plenty of time to explore and wander around!

I had completely forgotten all about taking any photos there, and their subfolder happened to be at the bottom of my photo folder so I rarely even noticed it. So I was surprised when I finally rediscovered it and found these gorgeous landscapes! Too pretty and wintery not to share, and a fond memory of a great roadtrip ❤

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