The First Song.

This song has always been very dear to me. The story is so sad, yet so beautiful.
Earlier this year, Herborg Kråkevik held a concert in my town. She saved this song to the end, and it was magical to hear her sing it live.
The song is well known as a lullaby here in Norway, and it is about the love and longing for one’s mother which is no longer with us. The song was originally written as a poem by Norwegian poet Per Sivle (1857-1904), who lost his mother at the tender age of three.

I guess the Norwegians who happen to read this know the lyrics already (and if not they’ll just have to listen), so I’ll just add the english translation (which I found here) below the video.

The first song I ever heard
When in my cradle lying
Was mother’s heartfelt lullaby
Which ended all my crying

It gently lulled me into sleep
Her words could soothe me only
They pointed out a way so grand
Far from our cottage lonely

Oft when I rest my weary eyes
I see that road so clearly
A smiling angel standing there
And none can smile so dearly

When I am worn by pain and strife
And dark seem my tomorrows
I hear sounds from mother’s grave
The song that heals my sorrows

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