A colourful day.

Earlier this summer I took my German friend who is staying with us to the Arboretum in Svinvika, abour five minutes by car away from our farm. It was just the right time, as most flowers were in bloom. Located on a hill by the fjord, the arboretum was founded in the 1940s and is known […]

Spring closeups.

I had actually forgotten all about these photos for a few weeks, but I guess they were not forgotten long enough to be put in my “forgotten photos” tag. I brought my camera out on a slightly rainy day in early May, and had a nice walk around one of the pastures despite falling over and […]

A walk through the English countryside.

While I was in Surrey earlier this month, I had a day off and decided to jump on the bus and go exploring the neighbouring village of Ewhurst. Originally I planned to go to Shere, a village often used in movies, but I couldn’t figure out the buses. So I ended up half way, in Ewhurst. […]

A hack through the fog. 

 A fog drifts in, the heavy laden Cold white ghost of the sea—  One by one the hills go out,  The road and the pepper-tree.       I watch the fog float in at the window  With the whole world gone blind, Everything, even my longing, drowses, Even the thoughts in my mind.         I […]