… and may we meet again in happier times.

Our dear Bustopher passed away two days ago, and we lost the greatest cat anyone could ever ask for. He was as loyal as can be, he guarded the house and its inhabitants, and he always looked after the other cats when they were out. He was the perfect gentleman for his three ladies, always on guard, and he was also the most loving and caring cat. We could ask him to go find one of the other cats, and he would do so. Minutes or hours later (depends on how far he had to go) he would turn up, followed by the one we wanted him to find.
And all this from a former stray, that was so terrified of us that he ran away just seeing one of us through the window.

After a very cold winter 5-ish years ago, he turned up here just skin and bones and so exhausted he couldn’t walk for more than a few feet before he had to lie down to rest. We had seen him on and off for two years, but never in such a bad state. My mom started feeding him because we couldn’t watch him suffer any longer, and little by little he started trusting her, and on his own initiative, he slowly moved into the house. Since then he hasn’t been away at all, he claimed himself as the guardian of the house and always taking his responsibilities seriously.

So two days ago, we lost more than “just” a cat. I’m sure no one can ever fully replace Bustopher, he was really one in a million.

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