Throwback Thursday: Wonderful Oxford!

This Thursday is dedicated to my fond memories of my short stay in Oxfordshire last year. I had a wonderful time, I stayed with a lovely family whom I hope to meet again soon, the weather was impeccable and I was as happy as can be.
Looking through this blog post and the photos brought me back there for a moment, and I realized it has been over a year already! Crazy how fast time flies. I really miss Oxford, and I’m definitely going back there the next time I visit the UK. Those scones at The Rose tea rooms were to die for!!

Here’s a copy of the original blog post from Oxford. You can find more posts from my stay in the UK in the archive.


My stay in the UK didn’t go as planned at all, but it turned out almost better than I had expected it to be. I spent just one week at the stable I was supposed to stay at, and returned to the stable in Surrey. Just a couple of days later, kind of before I could wrap my head around everything, I was on my way to Bicester, Oxfordshire where I was going to be like an au-pair for my employer’s sister for about a week. I helped out painting the living room and looking after the four lovely kids, and even got days off to go to Oxford.

And from the moment I stepped out of the bus in Oxford, I fell in love. There’s old buildings and historic sites everywhere, and more universities than I had ever thought. And they were stunning as well, with cathedrals, towers, huge buildings and green parks.

The photos are from my first visit, and it was such a lovely day. My Nikkor 18-200mm lens is not working properly any more, so I mostly used my Nikkor 18-55 kit lens. I really wish I had a wide-angle lens, as I struggled to get good photos of some of the buildings and views.

A Bicester cat, enjoying the morning sun while I walked to the bus.

_DSC5819 _DSC5825
University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. 

_DSC5833 _DSC5879

This rather small church along the High Street made a bigger impression on me than even the big cathedral at Christ Church University. The tree with pink flowers outside, and the calm, relaxing and welcoming athmosphere inside.. I can’t explain it, but I just really liked it there. I liked the interior, with the wooden benches in contrast to the white pillars and arches. And the huge stained glass windows weren’t dark as they often are, they let in a lot of light and made the church feel open and bright.

The Radcliffe Camera – such an impressive building!

_DSC5857 _DSC5864
Clarendon Building

_DSC5865 _DSC6015 _DSC6016
The view from the Carfax Tower.


Oxford is now one of my favourite places in the UK, and I will definitely be back there some day. I also had the best scones ever at The Rose tea rooms on High Street, with jam and delicious clotted cream, and a lovely cup of tea.
The brownie in my last blog post was at the Queen’s Coffee House, also on the High Street. My waitress was Danish and super friendly, and the brownie was to die for. I thought it a bit expensive at first, but the slice was huge and SO tasty. I highly recommend both places if you’re ever in Oxford and looking for somewhere to have tea or something sweet.

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