These modern winters..

When I grew up, we had snow every winter. It would come in November and stay until spring, and it would always be white outside on my birthday in December. Then suddenly one year, there wasn’t any snow on my birthday and we could play longball on the lawn. Since then the amount of snow at this time of year has been delivered as rain instead, and we’re left with a grey, brown, wet and cold view at Christmas instead of the snowy landscape we associate with the holidays. Nowadays, the snow usually comes in January, and stays around until March-ish.

I do prefer the snow, but one thing I like about these “modern” winters is the fog. I love fog, it makes the surroundings so mystical, unfamiliar and quiet..

2015-03-08-16 2016-12-16-14-20 2016-12-16-14

Photos taken with my phone, so not the greatest quality..

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