Enjoying the colours together.

We had the most colourful autumn here this year, which I tried my best to make the most out of together with the horses. After being away for two weeks working with other horses, tacking them up for others to ride and guiding their rides on foot, and then end my stay with a trip to the Oslo Horse Show, I was full of inspiration and motivation to start working my own horses again. After a very busy summer, I think they appreciated having two full weeks off.

I also brought my camera with me on a drive with the pony for once, to capture the wonderful scenery..

_dsc9441Alvin the Shetland at the bottom of the big pasture.

Embla the Fjord horse.

Enjoying the colours together with Alvin.

The farm, with our mountain towering behind.

Nordviksula (1318 meters above sea level)

_dsc9487 _dsc9494
Looking down at the village of Nordvik, in between the fjord and the mountains.


Did you have a colourful autumn where you live?

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