Southward bound.

When autumn arrives, it’s time for me to go to my favourite place down south to work at the farm I look at as my second home for the holidays. I just wish my own farm was located closer, so I could go there more often.

Back home the leaves had barely started changing colours in some places, but the higher up I came in the mountains the prettier it was. I had to stop several places during the 8 hour drive just to admire the landscape and take photos.



I have to pass three mountains to get to the farm, each just as beautiful as ever.
My new pickup truck took me safe through the snow and the ice on Valdresflya, and I am glad I chose that road despite the conditions.
The smell of crisp air and the strong, icy wind made the view somewhat more powerful, feeling the forces of nature tear at my hair and clothes. I just wish that could show in the photos too..

_dsc9294 _dsc9306
A squall coming in over Gjendesheim, Valdresflya.

_dsc9312 _dsc9316

On trips like this one, I am really in love with my country. The mountains, the lakes and the wild, untamed nature..

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