Spring closeups.

I had actually forgotten all about these photos for a few weeks, but I guess they were not forgotten long enough to be put in my “forgotten photos” tag. I brought my camera out on a slightly rainy day in early May, and had a nice walk around one of the pastures despite falling over and twisting my ankle quite badly on the lawn before I had even started. It hurt a lot there and then, but got better after a short while though. So I could continue my walk as planned, although a bit more cautious.

The pastures were covered in violets this year, both the teeny tiny Viola Palustris (marsh violet) as pictured below, and the slightly larger Viola Sororia (common blue violet).

_DSC7198 _DSC7201

The pastures became greener by the day, and more and more flowers appeared.
I have taken an interest in herbal medicine the past year, and this spring I’ve tried to learn the names of more plants, both medicinal and not. Being more outside than inside most of my childhood I recognize most plants and can tell you where to find them, but I have never cared much about their names. Until now.


A bit too late (and rainy!!) for the Wood Anemones. But being one of my all time favourite flowers, I still find it pretty. What doesn’t say springtime more than a bright forest with the ground covered in a white carpet of newly sprung Anemones?!


It seems to be a great summer for blueberries this year. I don’t think I’ve seen so many blueberry flowers before, they are everywhere!! I can’t wait for berry season, as there’s so many recipes I want to try, and new things to harvest and conserve.

This year also seems to be a good year for rowanberries, so I want to try making jelly or something of them. I’ve seen a good lot of cloudberry flowers too, so I hope at least some of them will turn into berries this year.

Last year was a good year for raspberries, but hardly anything else. At home that is, as I found quite a lot of blueberries, lingonberries and crowberries while working down south.


May mountains. I love the mountains this time of year, shades of fresh green all the way up until it meets the snow..

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