Springtime stream.

On a hack with one of the horses, I noticed how pretty the little stream that goes beneath the road is now – the same one that runs through our farm yard.
It comes down from our moutain, through the quiet forest at the foot of the mountain, past our well and through our pond before reaching the yard itself. I-ve spent countless hours along its banks catching tadpoles and sticklebacks as a child, or making boats to watch sailing down with the flow.

_DSC7267 _DSC7270 _DSC7278

The water level is low because of the warm weather we’re having, but all the greenery and the moss on the rocks is what makes it pretty.
I remember seeing this stream being just as beautiful last spring, but then the few days we had with good weather were spent otherwise and no time to go taking photos. So I am glad I made it this year.

_DSC7279 _DSC7303 _DSC7339 _DSC7347

A glimpse pf the view on the other side of the road. The stream ends up in the fjord below, and in May the fields are green while the mountains are still covered in a layer of snow. I love this view!

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