Forgotten photos #3

While looking through my never ending photo archive searching for a photo that fits to a quote I like, I came across these forgotten ones.

I can scarcely remember the day.. It was a slightly windy but not too cold day in November 2013 (as it says on the folder title), and me and my mum were down by the fjord to photograph. I brought a tripod and had a little fun with the camera settings it seems, trying to get the flowing movement of the waves smooth and soft. Maybe not my best try, but I like the feeling the photos gives me, and the atmosphere in them.

_DSC3240 _DSC3259 _DSC3284 _DSC3287 _DSC3299

Love the light on the mountains in the background.

I guess I should have tried this again someday. Both by the fjord and if I find a pretty part of the river or a nice stream. Photographing water this way is challenging, but oh so fun when you happen to get everything right.

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