A walk through the English countryside.

While I was in Surrey earlier this month, I had a day off and decided to jump on the bus and go exploring the neighbouring village of Ewhurst. Originally I planned to go to Shere, a village often used in movies, but I couldn’t figure out the buses. So I ended up half way, in Ewhurst. I found a public footpath just off the bus stop, and started walking with no idea where I’d end up.

_DSC5527 _DSC5531 _DSC5538 _DSC5548

The well used path took me through a small forest with huge trees, and then across several (muddy!!) fields with sheep and horses. The views were lovely, even though it was raining sideways and so windy that I couldn’t even hold my camera still enough to take photos at one point.
Not too pleased with any of the photos though, as both wind and rain were a bit too much for my already exhausted favourite lens. I think it’s time to invest in a new one, sadly. But the photos are a great way to remember this lovely walk, even though some are a bit pale and blurry.

_DSC5550 _DSC5554 _DSC5561 _DSC5575 _DSC5579 _DSC5580


As I said, I had no idea where this path led, or how to get back to the village without going back the same way. That’s boring – I want to see new places, not the same ones twice!
So I kept on going until I ended up on a road, where the path apparently ended. After a while trying to get a signal on my mobile, I found out that I was on the main road that goes through the centre of Ewhurst. So I chose to risk my life and walk along that road back to the village. English country roads are terrifying by foot to be honest, as they are so narrow and with no space to walk on the sides. And some people drive like mad! So I literally climbed the banks on the side of the road every time I hear a car approaching!


I survived the short walk, and were soon in the centre of Ewhurst again. I found a tiny country store, and treated myself to a hot chocolate and a Cadbury bar while I waited for a bus back to Cranleigh. It was a very nice walk despite the (typical English?) weather.

2016-02-08 15.20

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