Bleak autumn days..


Last sunday, the fog creeped in over the felled area on the ridge by our farm, and made the whole place look like a deserted battleground, or maybe the remains of a long gone forest fire. As my followers on Tumblr probably know too well, I am fascinated by all those wonderful photos of fogs and mists out there, so when the chance arose I had to get out and experience it for myself. I brought my camera and Alvin the pony, and went for a walk among the ochre grass and fallen branches covering the ground.

_DSC4216 _DSC4227

It was dusk, so the photos came out kinda dark and grainy – but exactly how I wanted them to be.
They captured the athmosphere and feeling of the place perfectly.

Our farm in the distance, fading away in the layers of fog.


I took some portraits of Alvin that I’m very pleased with, which can be seen on my equestrian blog at He was more concerned about eating as much as possible at each stop, but it was nice having company in this pale, sad version of my world.

_DSC4234_DSC4248 _DSC4251 The very last photo I took as we were going back to the farm, it turned out that my lens had become all foggy. But I love the artistic side of this photo, the blurryness makes the effect of the motive more visible, and I love the athmosphere.
There’s beauty in most things when you look at it the right way.


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