It’s November..

I had the whole day off yesterday, and after hours of just lounging around the house doing nothing, feeling gloomy because of the rain, I decided to get som fresh air and take some photos before feeding the animals. It was all wet and cold outside, so I spent literally just a couple of minutes photographing before I took shelter in the stable to give the animals and chickens their dinner instead.

I didn’t have high hopes for the photos I took, as it was almost dusk, it was cold and my motivation disappeared as soon as the first raindrops hit my camera. But looking at them afterwards, they reflected the day and my mood perfectly.


“In November, the trees are standing all sticks and bones. Without their leaves, how lovely they are, spreading their arms like dancers.
They know it is time to be still.” 

_DSC4090_DSC4089 _DSC4097

“In November, the earth is growing quiet.
It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures.
The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets.”
– Cynthia Rylant, “November”


Today, the distant mountains were covered in a thin layer of fresh snow. A tad colder now, and out mountain will get her white blanket too. I just hope we’ll get more snow this year, instead of another wet, rainy, muddy winter like the one we had last year..

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