Reaching the summit.

My annual hike, or something like that.

I do go for a lot of walks in various terrain throughout the year though, but I rarely go on those proper hikes where you’re out walking for hours on end. And it’s fine, because my body is in no shape to walk that far very often! (I guess it would be if I actually did it, haha…)

So one (or two) hikes a year fits me perfectly, as I then have a lot of time to recover and prepare for the next one.

A couple of weeks ago I finally found a day where I could join my friend and her husky Frøya on a hike up the mountain Nordviksula, 1318 metres above sea level. It’s one of the mountains closest to my farm, but I’ve never actually been at the top before.


This is how she looks from a distance, photo taken in April last year. We didn’t follow the road and the most popular path though, we started off from my friend’s farm (at approx. 200 m.a.s.l.) and walked the same way as we did on this hike last fall.

We stopped by their cabin to light the fire and have a small rest before we continued upwards. Looking at the photo above, we came up on the ridge on the very right of the photo, and joined the official path just before reaching the summit (which is the peak second from the left).

I love the mountains at this time of year, the contrast between the burning yellows and reds of the trees against the blue backdrop of the mountainside..

_DSC3790 _DSC3796 _DSC3806 _DSC3809 Leaving the cabin behind to reach the summit, knowing that it would be warm and cosy when we came back.

_DSC3815 _DSC3829 _DSC3836 _DSC3838 The village of Todalen seen from above.

Our goal finally in sight!

_DSC3848 _DSC3852 _DSC3857 _DSC3865 _DSC3880 _DSC3886

A wonderful birdeye view of the area I grew up.The mountain belonging to our farm is the closest one on the right-hand side. It looked so tiny from up there..

Beautiful Frøya!

Getting closer!

_DSC3912 _DSC3913 _DSC3930

The last bit was a steep and exhausting climb for my not-so-well-trained body, and I must admit it went awfully slow on my part. But knowing that the break we’d take at the top meant dry clothes, packed lunch and hot chocolate, I kept moving.

And finally, the path flattened out and the summit laid before us, covered in snow. I’d made it!


And the view from the top is just stunning. The sun came out to cheer us on just as we walked the last few meters, and lit up patches of the landscape beneath us.

_DSC3957_DSC3987 _DSC3988
2015-10-27 14.43
Click to see a bigger version. Taken with my phone, so not the best quality though.


After a well-earned rest and several cups of hot chocolate and tea to warm our fingers on, we had to head back down if we were to make it before darkness. We witnessed a wonderful sunset over the mountains as we walked down the mountainside, and made it back to the farm just as the darkness came upon us.

_DSC4002 _DSC4012 _DSC4018_DSC4032

I should be honest and say that I guess that reaching this summit isn’t such a big accomplishment in itself, I have friends that goes up there as an afternoon walk. But I’d actually never imagined myself up there any time soon, and not being one of those who climb mountains frequently, I think it’s a great personal achievement.


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