Throwback Thursday.

Looking for a certain photo, I scrolled through the folder with photos from my third ever trip to the UK, the spring when everything changed. Travelling turned out to be far easier than it seemed to me before, I fell in love with the UK all over again and I had more wanderlust and confidence than ever.

On this trip in May 2012, I went with a couple of colleagues to London and Liverpool to watch musicals and visit friends and family of theirs. I made my first memorable visit to my favourite musical, which actually changed my life in many ways.
I feel the whole trip opened many doors for me, and therefore it was the first in a series of visits to the UK before I actually moved there in January 2013.


It’s a bit weird to think about that me – a hardcore country girl who grew up among cows and ponies, now know my way around central London.
Living in Surrey for five months, I went to London to watch musicals almost every time I had days off work. I never got to go to Liverpool again during my stay though, so that’s still on my bucket list.


On that trip in 2012, my colleague who grew up in Liverpool showed us around.
The weather was lovely, and we had a nice couple of days there before we returned to Norway. I really want to go back there someday to revisit some places, and also see the rest of the city.

DSC_5063 DSC_5089Sefton Park 08.05.12

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