Playing with water.

These photos were taken an evening in April last year, when me and my boyfriend hiked up to a nearby waterfall. All my life I’ve watched it through the car window whenever we went to town, but I haven’t actually seen it up close before now.

It was beautiful up there, and I loved the athmosphere in the nearly untouched, mossy forest surrounding the waterfall. I didn’t bring my camera stand though, so the good angles were limited as I had to stabilize the camera using suitable placed rocks and fallen tree trunks.

Next time I want to cilmb up and see it from above, and maybe explore along the river in search for more things to photograph..

_DSC8213 _DSC8230_DSC8348 _DSC8381 _DSC8393 _DSC8406 _DSC8420
“Eternal love”

_DSC8438 _DSC8252

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