Every season in one day.

That’s Norway for you!
Last Sunday was really a confusing day weather wise – sun in one minute, rain or hail the next. It was just like the sky couldn’t decide which mood it was in.
Since this was the only day of the weekend I didn’t have any plans, I spent the day doing what I love the most – exercising horses. Born and bred in Norway, the weather is no challenge as long as it’s not a hurricane or worse.
And just my luck – every time I was back at the stable to tack up the next horse, the  sky cleared and it was sunny as a summer’s day, and the moment I rode out the dark skies gathered once again with a promise of wind and rain.

But my mood was as bright as ever, and as me and Maja climbed our way down one of my favourite trails with the strong wind in our face and another rain cloud coming in, love is the only way to explain what I felt. I love my country and the weather, I love the beauty of my home town and I love life. Sounds like a clichée I know. But it was just how I felt in that moment, I felt so alive and grateful to be just where I am.
On a strong, eager dancing horse in beautiful scenery and the forces of nature all around us.

2015-03-08 15.18

The fields and trees may be brown and boring at this time of year, but if you open your mind and take a closer look you can still find the beauty.

And everything looks so much better through a pair of upright, fluffy ears!

2015-03-08 17.4n5

2015-03-08 16.41n

2014-10-13 09.57

I’ve always loved how you’re able to see and follow each shower as it’s slowly approaching our side of the fjord. Our farm is located a bit further up the hill, but we have the same view of the fjord – which makes it easy for us to predict the weather coming in.

2015-03-08 16.37 2015-03-08 16.412015-03-08 17.45 2015-03-08 17.46

Photo 1 & 2, our view when we went out driving, and then again on the return.
Photo 3 & 4 are from the hack with Embla after driving the pony, taken just a few minutes apart. That shower looked much heavier than the previous ones, but luckily we got just some wind and a small shower of huge raindrops. But on our way home we could see waves of hail coming down over the mountains, and the sudden change in the shower from hail to rain further down. It was amazing to watch.

2015-03-08 18.00

One of my favourite spots, just as we got a teeny tiny glimpse of the evening sun between the showers.

How was your weekend?

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