2015-02-07 14.22

The view out my window these days.
We had a lovely winter for about two days, then the snow started melting again and then the hurricane named “Ole” had a blast before leaving us with even more rain.
Luckily he didn’t do much damage around here, nothing on our farm as far as I know. Not like “Ivar” last year, who tore off half of the roof on one of our buildings.

Today it has been raining all day, and the ponies were very happy then I let them in the stable earlier this evening. They had been inside for about 36 hours because of the hurricane, so they needed some time outside today despite the rain. It also gave me the opportunity to clean out their stables properly and add a big heap of fresh shavings to each of the boys, and straw for the girls in the new stable.

The weather forecast says it will get colder again in a couple of days, and then start snowing again. Can we please have a proper winter now with lots of proper snow?? And no icy yard please!!

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