It’s winter again!

These past few weeks the whole farmyard has been covered in slippery ice and hard snow, and I have been unable to even take the horses out of the fields, let alone go riding!

Now it has started snowing again, covering the farm in a soft white layer once more. It’s beautiful to look at, but the treacherous ice is still waiting beneath, making the snow fool us to believe that it’s not slippy any more.
So it’s more dangerous to take the horses out now than before, then I could actually see the icey parts!

But the snow makes me happier nonetheless, because the world brightens up and somehow seems more peaceful than before.

_DSC7369 _DSC7370 _DSC7371Silvur and Embla having a rest after lunch.

_DSC7382 _DSC7401
Maja in her favourite spot by the fence, watching life going on in the woods.

_DSC7433 _DSC7435


Do you have any snow where you live?

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