The strongest force in nature is the will to survive

“You can’t run from the wind. You trim your sails, face the music, and keep going.”

” ‘White Squall’ is the true story of a ship school called the ‘Albatross’. The school is run by the captain, Christopher “Skipper” Sheldon and his wife, Dr. Alice Sheldon.
In the year of 1960, the couple took aboard eight teenage boys from around the country for eight months of learning how to sail, be a crew, and respect one another.
The crew goes through hard times and more laid-back times, but they must come together when a freak storm gets them in trouble in the middle of the ocean.” written by Jennifer Marsh at


White Squall is another movie that has left an impact on me these last days.
I’ve seen from the middle and out before, but this time I was lucky and catched the beginning of it as well. And it hit me even harder now.

It’s a beautiful movie about friendship, trust, new experiences and adventure. It is based on a true story, and I think that’s one of the reasons why it made such an impact on me. To know that this really happened, to real people.


The movie is well made, and with a great cast. Jeff Bridges (the Skipper) is wonderful, and so are all the boys through every up and down of the ship’s journey. You get to know each of the characters very well, and they each have their story and their own problems and fears.

This is a very underrated movie, seen by far too few.
If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It will, no doubt, leave a trace within you.

“Where we go one, we go all”


If I should die
And water’s my grave
She’ll never know if I’m damned or I’m saved

See the ghost fly over the sea

Under the moonlight, there she can safely go
Round the Cape Horn to Valparaiso.

“In the end it just comes down to one thing… You can’t run from the wind. You face the music, You trim your sails and keep going.”

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