Foggy afternoon

Suddenly, when working the horses home at our farm, I noticed the wonderful light and the thick fog coming in. Luckily I had my camera nearby, so I could run down to the field to capture this magical moment before it was gone.
I ran across the road and half way down the field, where I sat watching this magic of nature until the fog lifted and there were no trace of this unusual beauty left. Except on my memory card, that is.

It’s just like the earth likes to show us her magic tricks, but only for a short glimpse and too bad for you if you weren’t there to see it. And then continue as before like nothing had happened.


The light was stunning, with the afternoon sun shining through the sudden fog, resulting in a vivid yellow light. All I did to the pictures above and below was to correct the contrast just a tiny bit. Apart from that they’re just as they came out of the camera.




The newly cleared wood on the hill got a very dramatic look as the fog slowly swept over it in thick, visible layers.
It looked like a picture of a remote, possibly abandoned, dark and scary place. Not at all like the bright, beautiful pine forest that was there two years ago, that I remember playing in when I was a child.



Two versions of the same photo, the first as it came out of the camera and the second with less saturation. I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most.

_DSC6536 _DSC6540

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