The beauty right outside our doorsteps.

Often, when seeing certain things every day, we become kind of blind and stop seeing the beauty like we might did the first time we saw them. Like the trees and flowers in our garden or the distant mountains.
This weekend my friend invited me to join her and her dog at a small cabin up in the mountains above her farm.

We went up there on saturday, and after a small break at the cabin, we went for a hike. The view from further up the hill was amazing, and seeing the surrounding mountains from a different angle, I again saw the beauty in them.
I see some of them from my home farm as well, but normally they just blend into the background as I’m so used to seeing them every day.

So I guess I needed this break from home, to rediscover the beauty surrounding us. And again it dawned on me what a wonderful country we live in.

Fresh snow had fallen on the highest mountain tops, making it look like they were covered in icing sugar. Look at the contrast of the snow, and how it makes the details of the terrain so visible.




The colours are amazing at this time of year. The orange/brown grass and heather, and then the blue mountains beyond.



_DSC6382  _DSC6393


We went up on a ridge to have a look at the valley below. This valley is familiar to me, although from another angle. The family of another friend of mine has a cabin down there by the small stream (ten points if you can spot it!), so I’ve been there a couple of times. You can also see the mountain belonging to our farm on the left.



Just as we reached the edge we noticed a few drops of rain, and the wind had increased since we started. Turning around we saw that grey clouds had almost viped out the once so blue-coloured mountains behind us, so we decided to get back to the cabin as fast as possible, just making it in before it started to rain properly.





The cabin was warm from the fire we made before we went hiking, so while listening to the sound of the rain on the tin roof, we had a lovely stew for supper. A nice ending to a nice day.

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